Three Steps to Marketing Automation Paradise

Ever wonder how your company could simplify the way they communicate with their customers?

You're not alone

In fact, there are numerous companies who have built their products and services up around the idea of automating?traditionally cumbersome marketing tasks.

Take a look below at the three ways brands can reach marketing automation paradise.

Programmatic Media Buying

Save time and energy by plugging into real time bidding partners and demand side platforms that are able to?programmatically?purchase digital media space based upon the advertisers set parameters.

Great examples of RTB and DSP partners include:

Marketing Automation Partners

Marketers work hard to acquire new customers, but what are they doing to encourage a long-term engagement with these customers?

Marketing automation is an all-inclusive lead nurturing tactic that allows brands to continuously communicate with their prospects & customers.

Marketo?is a great example of a lead?nurturing?SaaS platform that allows marketers to do this.

Marketing Dashboards

Using tools such as attribution and data management platforms, marketers can measure the effect of all their marketing efforts in one simple-to-read

Which of the tactics above is your company utilizing?

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