Characteristics of a Loyal Customer

As you may have read, we’re in the business of delivering loyal customers to our clients.

But what exactly is a loyal customer?

A loyal customer is the result of having a consistent emotional attachment, physical attribute-based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience, which includes the product or services. Consider who you yourself are loyal to and why.

The following are characteristics that help us identify customers who are (or could be) faithful to a service, product or brand:

Repeat purchaser

They keep coming back. And why do they keep coming back?

Exceptional Customer Experience

Research company Access Development reported that 79% of customers would take their business to a competitor within a week of experiencing poor customer service, while the estimated cost of customers switching their choice of businesses due to poor service is $1.6 trillion.

Now with social media and the internet, customer reviews are currency and customers know it. If they file a complaint and it doesn’t get dealt with immediately you can expect they’ll take it to Twitter, Yelp, or Google and make that complaint public.

Make sure you have a good customer experience in place. An easy way for people to contact you and an even easier way for your team to respond effective immediately.

Eight out of ten customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are proven to increase customer lifetime value by up to 30% or more by increasing visit frequency, increasing spend per visit, and winning back lost customers.

Starbucks, Sephora, Gap are all examples of brands that offer REAL loyalty programs for rewarding you for each purchase, causing a loop of then buying more from them because of the points you received.

GapCash is a great example of this. I recently dropped over $150 worth in Gap. They rewarded me $50 GapCash to be used in a specific time frame. I then went online and bought $200 worth of clothes in that time frame and once again spent $150. That’s $150 I may not have spent otherwise or could have spent somewhere else. And because I spent $150 and online I got another $60. And now I’m stuck in a loop and because it’s time stamped for weeks away from the original purchase I’m more likely to buy more than that $60 because it’s all new inventory.

Advocates for your brand

When a consumer believes in a brand, they tell the world, especially women, and especially mom’s. 74% of women said they would refer a friend to a loyalty program that they participate in compared to 67% of men. Women are more social and more willing to share their experiences with friends and family.

TheSkimm is a newsletter that sums up the world news daily and is geared towards women. At the end of each newsletter it has a count of how many people you personally have referred. Once you reach 10 you become a Skimm’Bassador. The funny thing is, a as an ambassador all you get is Skimm swag so that you can wear the brand and just promote it further. The real success of this isn’t the swag, it’s that chart at the bottom of the newsletter that shows how many people you’ve influenced. That’s the driver.

The Payoff

I recently went through the Hubspot inbound marketing course materials and they say a brand HAS to be three things; human, holistic, and helpful.

It really comes down to what are the values of your company. As an example, here are our company values. Each value is about the human element whether it’s taking care of our people and their families, recognizing in order to grow and learn you need to fail, or reminding ourselves that no man is an island and we all need to work together.

The holistic piece is pulling those values through the whole company, marketing, and client relationships. Recognizing our clients are human too who have families and have failures we all learn from.

And everything we do as a company has to come back to are we helping our clients look their best.

To create repeat advocates you need great customer service and a loyalty program that is human, holistic, and helpful.

We can help fill your pipeline all day long with our PPC and SEO services and your existing sales cycle might have a killer close rate. By making sure you have great customer service and a killer loyalty program those initial buyers we drive for you, could have more bang for their buck then you even know but turning them into repeat customers who tell their friends, family, and colleagues.

Do you already have a great customer service and loyalty programs and you’re ready to fill that engine with the right leads? Request a discovery call with us.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kerry G

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